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OGIO RIG 9800 Wheeled Gear Bag LE

OGIO RIG 9800 Wheeled Gear Bag LE

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ogio-rig-9800-wheeled-bag-le-army-green.jpg ogio-rig-9800-wheeled-bag-le-army-green-back.jpg ogio-rig-9800-wheeled-bag-open.jpg ogio-rig-9800-wheeled-bag-le-dark-static.jpg ogio-rig-9800-wheeled-bag-le-night-camo.jpg ogio-rig-9800-wheeled-bag-le-basalt-blue.jpg ogio-rig-9800-wheeled-bag-le-scratch-black-green.jpg ogio-rig-9800-wheeled-bag-le-scratch-black-neon.jpg ogio-rig-9800-wheeled-bag-le-green-matrix.jpg ogio-rig-9800-wheeled-bag-le-red-noise.jpg

Item #
5919318OG (Army Green)
5919632OG (Green Matrix)
5919317OG (Night Camo)
5919633OG (Red Noise)
5919320OG (Scratch Black/Green)
5919322OG (Scratch Black/Neon)

Color   Price Availability
Army Green $329.99 In Stock
Green Matrix $329.99 In Stock
Night Camo $329.99 In Stock
Red Noise $329.99 In Stock
Scratch Black/Green $299.99 In Stock
Scratch Black/Neon $299.99 In Stock

The Rig 9800 Travel Bag stands alone as the king of all gear bags. Its durability and impressive list of features are legendary. Whether it's a trip to the track or a trek across the globe, grab the Rig for your next adventure.

  • SLED (Structural Load Equalizing Deck) System for increased durability and handling in the harshest of conditions
  • Wide mouth LID opening for easy access to all gear compartments
  • Large main compartment with adjustable dividers and padded helmet chamber
  • Several multi-use LID compartments for apparel and smaller gear
  • iFOM (integrated foam) construction throughout for added gear protection
  • Heavy duty oversized wheels with extra clearance
  • Secure hold compression strap system
  • Telescoping pull handle

Dimensions: 34" H x 16.5" W x 15.25" D
Weight: 14.2 Lbs
Capacity: 7500 Cubic Inches / 123L
Recommended Use: Travel, Moto
Available colorways: Black, Special Ops
New LE Colorways: Dark Static, Night Camo, Army Green, Basalt Blue, Scratch Black/Green, Scratch Black/Neon


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